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  • Plate demister
  • high efficiency
  • Roof mist
  • Diamond
  • Alloy mist
  • Bundle dust

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  • The complete technical system of the demister

    Letter stand constant set mist eliminator production, sale, design, processing, manufacturing, construction and installation as one of the enterprises. The company has always paid attention to demister technical progress and product development, more attention to the pursuit of demister products intrinsic quality and appearance

  • Powerful demister production capacity

    My company has super engineering R & D technology and project R & D system, and has a strong production equipment, significantly improved the competitiveness of our company's demister market.

  • Professional talent advantage

    My company has more than all kinds of demister, senior technical personnel, and has a strict discipline, professionalism and full of youthful vigor of professional construction team, with excellent technology, rich experience, rigorous


Demister specialized manufacturer - jiangsu xinli constant environmental protection technology co., LTD., is located in the world-famous ancient capital of ceramics, known as the "environmental protection" jiangnan town of yixing high Cheng foreign investment industrial park. The geographical environment is superior and the traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of 17,800 square meters with a construction area of 9000 square meters and a green area of 3,000 square meters. The company is mainly enga..

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  • 封面图

    Mist eliminator principle

    The demister/mist eliminatorMainly by waveform, board, card device such as a fixed blade, in the wet..


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